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Career Continuity Program

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Michelle Intrepidi, Founder
ADHD Career Coach & Project Consultant

“With Michelle’s guidance, my life shifted from overwhelmed, out of work and unsure about my chosen career to enjoying success in my new role as a lead engineer and connecting with my family like never before. I’ve gained the self-understanding to know when and what new strategy or technique serves me best during those times when in the past I would sabotage my best intentions.” ~ Todd


About the Career Continuity Program

Many adults with ADHD perform their jobs extremely well and find that some of their ADHD traits: high energy, problem solving, creativity, and being able to hyper-focus, are significant benefits in their chosen career. However, for other adults with ADHD at least some of their ADHD symptoms will cause difficulties in the workplace.

The CC is a regional program designed to support “persons with disabilities” prepare for, secure, maintain and grow employment, self-employment in partnership with the Government of Canada and local businesses.

We match qualified individuals with invisible disabilities (ADHD, LDs, anxiety) with local employers who value your unique skill set, determination, and creative thinking. Our success rate on such placements is 100% due to the tailored approach, skills development, employer education, and accommodation plans, when required.

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