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Through opportunities such as ADHD assessments and coaching, group coaching, leadership, speaking events and workshops, and joining our Career Continuity program.


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Hello, I am Michelle Intrepidi, CEO/Managing Director.
Here at Intrepidi, we match qualified individuals with invisible disabilities with local employers who value unique skills sets, determination and creative thinking. Our success rate on such placement is 100% due to the tailored approach, skills development and accommodation plans.


About Our Career Continuity Program:

Upward of 9-11% of the adult population are impacted by invisible learning disabilities such as ADHD and LD. Some adults we work with perform their jobs extremely well and find that some of their ADHD traits; high energy, problem-solving, creativity and being able to hyper-focus; are significant benefits in their chosen career. However, for other adults with ADHD, some of their symptoms can cause difficulties in the workplace.


We help talented individuals reach their academic, career and interpersonal goals for a brighter and lighter future.


In partnership with the Government of Canada and local businesses, Career Continuity is designed to advance participation and economic independence for persons with invisible disabilities prepare for, secure, maintain and grow sustainable employment, post-secondary certification and viable self-employment options.


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