Career Continuity

Access your future with Career Continuity (CC) – a comprehensive education, training and employer engagement program with over a decade of successful outcomes for hundreds of Manitobans. This program now prepares individuals to return to work, to secure new employment, to enter post-secondary or even to embrace self employment. We educate, train and coach individuals in the following domains: personal management skills, self-marketing tools, writing and reading strategies, self-advocacy and engagement with lifelong learning. Our mission is to educate employers, HR professionals, post secondary institutions, business owners and community organizations to facilitate opportunities for all employees, colleagues, staff, students through presentations, resources and consultations upon request.

What We Offer:

  • Comprehensive assessments to determine learning profile: specialization in Attention Deficit Disorder/Learning Disabilities.
  • Develop workplace relevant skills such as; critical thinking, communication, decision making, project planning, forecasting longer term projects, working with others, social and emotional intelligence.
  • Hone your employability skills in writing, reading and self-marketing tools.
  • Identify a work style and environment that is a ‘good fit’ for individual strengths and skill sets.
  • Access to professional service providers in support of objectives.
  • Target employers hiring qualified and motivated candidates.

Selected Services:

  • Career exploration and decision making;
  • Post-secondary supports;
  • One-on-one career coaching;
  • Microlearning seminars with your peers;
  • Paid work experiences with feedback for growth;
  • Disclosure and accommodation best practices; and
  • Job maintenance and coaching with focus on retention.

Who We Serve:

With this program, we serve adults who are transitioning back to work, new employment, self employment opportunities and post secondary students. Clientele are unemployed or underemployed (20 hours per week or less) adults experiencing difficulty managing the necessary details to grow opportunities toward securing and maintaining employment because of a suspected or diagnosed and untreated ADHD and/or LDs. Our customized training and coaching prepares individuals with the mindset and the tools necessary to direct a sustainable pathway to your next destination.

To Qualify:

  • Self-Identify as a person with a disability1
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Referral from a community professional
  • Are motivated and ready to take the next big step

destination employment

“During my precious time with Michelle, I have come to appreciate the mind-brain-body connection and learning. I am now able to recognize the thought and behavior patterns that were holding me back from learning new things. I now approach new challenges with more confidence and persistence than ever before. My reading, writing and comfort level with technology has greatly improved. Michelle has made a huge difference in my life.”

– Mid-career adult in
    return-to-work training


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1 Note: Individuals coping with serious mental health or substance abuse issues typically benefit from addressing those issues before starting the Career Continuity (CC) program.     
   Individuals with mild to moderate mental health symptoms may be able to address these issues in conjunction with the CC program.

This project is made possible through partnership with the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba and funded by Opportunities Fund, Employment and Social Development Canada.