Career Continuity is a federally funded project unique in Western Canada. CC facilitates access to comprehensive assessment, training and employment preparation for persons with disabilities gain a competitive advantage for employment and economic independence.

Career Continuity is a responsive process offering a solution for talented people with disabilities, specifically those living with Attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and Learning Differences (LD) to secure meaningful, and sustainable employment.

• Adults returning to school
• Professionals seeking employment experience
• Young professionals graduating from post-secondary education
• Those seeking to refine skills to meet increasing workplace demands
• Unemployed or underemployed individuals
• Those experiencing barriers to employment – if ADHD and/or learning differences may be contributing.

• Skills assessments that are the basis of a customized learning plan
• Employability skills for work entry
• Opening new Opportunities for employment
• Work experience with an accommodation plan, where applicable
• Certificate of completion, career portfolio, letter of reference

• Tailored modules
• Personalized plan
• Individual coaching
• Assessments
• Competency-focused
• Continuous intake
• Learn at your own pace
• Goal Achievement
• Flexible schedule
• Group Support
• Mentorships
• Paid Work Experience
• Access to Resources
• Computers & Assistive Tech
• Ongoing support

• Understand your learning profile, strengths, values, skills
• Matches your interest and aptitude with labour market requirements
• Build personal and workplace skills essential for success
• Gain paid work experience
• Gain practical career self-management tools
• Realize personal and economic independence
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Many highly skilled and educated people face barriers to employment for a variety of reasons. Most notably, nothing to do with the level of skill, experience, outward accomplishments as typical markers of adult success.

You might face difficulties when your job requirements rely on an area of challenge associated with your learning differences and/or attentional issues. Often people are unaware of why certain tasks become too complex and create a lot of stress. Once you know the WHY or root of your struggles space opens for us to clarify HOW best to proceed with the appropriate tools, strategies and resources. Incremental shifts In mindset and behaviour can make a world of difference.

We work to gather what you require to find a suitable match in the labour market. CC Is designed for adults with disabilities (ADHD, LDs, and co-existing conditions). In partnership with local employers who value your determination, out-of-the-box thinking style, and desire to do well.

Open opportunities to develop self-regulation and interpersonal (soft skills) meet your personal and professional aspirations.

100Percent of registered participants
completed targeted skills enhancement
86Percent of participants
maintain employment in chosen field
3 years post-completion
98Percent of participants said
the program exceeded anticipated results

Contact for eligibility requirements

Space is limited!

1 Individuals coping with serious mental health or substance abuse issues typically benefit from addressing those issues before starting the Career Continuity program. Individuals with mild to moderate mental health symptoms may be able to address these issues in conjunction with the CC program.

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