Intrepidi Approach

IPC Inc. is founded on the principles of adult education, human capital, equity and fairness. Strength-based and inclusive practices equip our learners to move forward with confidence. Our clients share a desire to fulfill their promise in learning, employment and careers, and social relationships. We take time to build trust, guide and observe resulting in faster skill acquisition.

The Career Continuity Program supports job retention, connects employers with qualified clients, and works towards the participants’ goals to secure purposeful employment. Our educational and employment-focused coaching programs are designed to strengthen competencies in three key areas – self-management, academic performance and workplace effectiveness.

Professional Affiliations

International Coach Federation

ADHD Coaches Organization

ADDA Professional Membership

ADDA Workplace Issues Committee



Adult ADHD In The Workplace – Professional Development Seminars

Creating a Culture of Peace – Guest Lecturer (Faculty of Education)

Accessibility Issues on Campus – University of Manitoba

Workplace Essential Skills – Manitoba Training and Education Centre

Sensitivity in the Workplace – Diversity Awareness (Manitoba Tourism Education College)

Michelle intrepidi  adhd coach
Michelle Intrepidi, Founder of IPC Inc., Director of Special Projects 

“Your knowledge and advice will be put to good use. Thank you for helping me define who I am.”

–  Andy,  Workshop Participant

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