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Intrepidi Professional Consulting founded 2013 in response to consumer demand identified as a gap in service provision. As the numbers of adults living with ADHD and learning disabilities, anxiety (mental health) continue to rise each year, coinciding with marketplace complexities many Individuals seek non-medical interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment.

I’ve spent a couple of decades in the field working with a diverse range of adults. In direct service roles from teaching, instruction to program design in both private and public sectors. As Manitoba’s only Certified ADHD coach, meeting the challenge of dedicating one-year of Intensive coursework, peer collaboration, and oral examination to certify and to qualify as a member of ICF – the International body of Gold Standard of coaching professionals. My learning is endless and enjoyable thanks to the fascinating people I get to work with daily.

Continuing in service to hundreds of individuals developing their self-management skills for personal and professional growth. IPC offers a continuum of support at pivotal stages from gap year resources for emerging adults, to career-focused post-secondary students. Responding to the needs of trained and experienced professionals, business owners and employers of our community.

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Michelle Intrepidi

Lead Coach
Founder & CEO of IPC Inc.


 2018.2019 Accommodation Law Conference

6th & 8th World Congress on ADHD from Child to Adult Disorder

Return to Work: Mood Matters, Rehabilitation Return to Work Partnership

ADDA National Conference on Adult ADHD


Bachelor of Education, After Degree – Senior Years, University of Winnipeg

Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution Studies, Menno Simmons College

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Student of Distinction Award recipient


Professional Affiliations

International Coach Federation

ADHD Coaches Organization

ADD Coach Academy

ADDA Professional Membership

ADDA Workplace Issues Committee

Psychometrics Canada

Multi-Health Systems Inc.




Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba, Adult ADHD support group facilitator

Wellness Committee, UofM

Mindfulness | Stress Reduction workshops,  UofM student support services

Yoga and Aquafit group based fitness community classes

Educational Consulting

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba

Employment and Social Development Canada

University of Manitoba

Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

Manitoba Teachers Society, Winnipeg

Elevate Manitoba

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Manitoba Immigration

Manitoba Tourism Education Council

Workplace Education Manitoba

Manitoba Developmental Centre

Private Individuals

Credentials & Certifications

Qualified Facilitator of EQi 2.0 |  EQi360 Leadership, Multi-Health Systems Inc.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence Training Company

Strong Interest Inventory Certification, Psychometrics Canada

Associate Coach Certification, ADD Coach Academy, Albany, New York

Registered as a Permanent Professional Teacher

Continuing Adult Education Certificate, University of Manitoba

Conflict Mediation Certification

MB Human Rights Commission,

Workplace Essential Skills Test Administrator Certification 

Restoring Wholeness: Connection Between Neuroscience & Trauma Treatment

Accessibility Plan Training, Disabilities Issues Office, Government of Manitoba

Mental Health First Aid Certificate, Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Power of Mindfulness: Inside and Outside the Therapy Hour

Attachment Treatment: Theory and Techniques

Emotion-Focused Therapy: Working with Emotion in Anxiety, Depression and Addictions

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training

Professional Grant Writing Certificate

Management Development Program 

The Approach

Intrepidi Strategies for Learning specializes in coaching, skills development, and resources for individuals living with learning differences (LD) and/or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) who seek self-awareness and new methods for personal and professional attainment.

Clarity      Precision      Simplicity 

The goal is to prepare and guide talented and often overwhelmed Individuals experiencing a disconnect between the effort exerted and the results produced.

Traits are highly Individual and situational; however, clients cite many of the following areas as frequent

  • Procrastination
  • Managing time and paperwork
  • Organizing and planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Regulating emotions
  • Setting goals
  • Building self-confidence
  • Focusing and concentration
  • Completing tasks

To enhance personal achievement through education, coaching and research, supporting individuals and organizations to maximize human potential for the benefit of all, but especially people with learning differences/disabilities and ADHD.

A world in which people living with disabilities: attention deficit disorder, learning differences have access to resources and supports to live well.

Resilience. Independence. Clarity. Perseverance. Lifelong learning.

The Philosophy

IPC is here to help you find hope in every step of your ADHD journey as you move forward in life.

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