Coaching Post-Secondary Students

Do you spend hours on schoolwork with little time for anything else?

Are you having trouble finding your way ?

As a certified ADHD coach, I work with post-secondary students to ignite motivation, defeat digital distractions, and create systems to allow you to show what you know and have fun doing it. You’ve lost the built-in structure of high school, and possibly living away from home for the first time. Are you still learning everything the hard way? It’s no surprise that students with ADHD can feel lost, frustrated, and demoralized. Think you just need to try harder? Think again – just 5% of college students with ADHD will reach graduation, in contrast to 41% of their non-ADHD peers.1

This is a huge loss of talent.

You know that you have the smarts and the desire to succeed, yet you are unsure of how to design a plan with enough structure to support each step. You’re struggling to get start, but you can see the finish line. Perplexing? Perhaps school leaves you exhausted and bored. There is so much more to learning! What if you could not only learn effectively, but actually enjoy the process again …

Our Process  … a Lite Overview:

We start with a blend of comprehensive metrics to discern your learning preference and how you typically attend to and process information. We design a blueprint of your skills, strengths, talents, and interests. As a result, we adapt methods that clarify what you need to get started on difficult tasks, sustain momentum, while creating more mental space to acquire new information.

Next, we build strategies for you to apply to real-life situations right now. For example, a new approach to studying that builds not only study skills, but time management so you can finally avoid the familiar cycle of procrastination that leads to cramming. Because you try it right away, you will see immediate feedback on your progress. We stop and ask – Is this working? What can I do next time?  In contrast to your old approach, you will be working with, not against, your brain’s wiring.

Finally, the coaching process builds upon principles of mindfulness, resilience, and self-compassion. Mindfulness is understood as a powerful kind of awareness in the present moment. As you pay attention to your thoughts and learn to name emotions as they occur, you gain clarity of what is important to you, trimming the fat. Resilience is understood as the recognition that in life we are consistently presented with choices. ability to work through difficult situations and bounce back with new knowledge in tow. These skills improve not only school work, but relationships, health, career and quality of life.

Strategies For Learning and Growth:

We work to address challenges post secondary students with ADHD may encounter such as:

  • Scheduling your time.
  • Planning your goals.
  • Gaining independence.
  •         Keeping up friendships.
  •         Organizing your priorities.
  • Harnessing hyperfocus.
  • Activating your motivation.
  •         Managing your anxiety.
  •         Learning memory techniques.

Additional Key Services:

  • Assistance navigating psycho-educational assessments, often necessary to access campus support services.
  • Extensive experience determining and obtaining accommodations – finding ways to work with your professors to improve your learning outcomes.
  • Experience with student loans and grant applications for assistive technology, tutoring, and coaching services and/or tools.
  •         Defeating digital distractions.
  •         Assistive technology training for reading, note-taking, study strategies and organization.
  •         Career assessments and counselling for transitioning to the marketplace.

student coaching

“When I began meeting with Michelle  I was very skeptical; I believed I was above needing help and that if I wanted to be more successful I should just work harder. A year has passed since then and I am more productive than I could have ever imagined. Michelle didn’t just give me a list of things that I should change, she got to know me and worked with me to help find strategies that were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses. This kind of highly personalized process was exactly what I needed. I strongly recommend seeing Michelle. You could reach a potential that you aren’t even considering a possibility right now.”

– Brain, Law Student


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1 Hemenway-Forbes, Meta. “For ADHD students, transition to college is tough” | The Courier 2Weiss, Margaret, et al. “The screens culture: impact on ADHD” | Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, 2011.