Coaching Professionals

Have you noticed a recurring pattern of avoidance, irritability or inability to get started and to plan work tasks?

If you are a working adult with ADHD traits, the rate workplace burnout is nearly doubled to neurotypical peers. The consequences could include lost hours of productivity, fractured relationships or at its worst, being forced to leave your job or quitting without a plan. Lacking the skills and strategies to meet your professional demands can feel like pushing string up a mountain: sucking up valuable energy and brain-space, fighting against feelings of overwhelm and incompetence.  I assure you that this mindset is false.

Having ADHD traits and being successful in your career are completely possible. Some of the world’s most creative, out-of-the-box innovators contribute a great deal. Most will say their ADHD actually gives them a unique perspective and energy that allows them to doggedly pursue the greatest interests in their lives.

No person is an island. The opportunity to partner with someone who deeply understands your pain and commits to help develop sustainable methods of productivity can make a great difference in your life.

Areas to match your output to your talent:

  • To gain knowledge through an evidence-based coaching process.
  • To create your own proactive, low cost accommodations in the workplace.
  • To disclose best practices from experience, legislation and self-awareness in the workplace.
  • To learn to deal with today’s digital distractions.
  • To use technology to support your communication and information flow.
  • To design systems that work with your personal learning style.

I have had the pleasure to partner with a variety of talented adults working in variety of fields, including:

  • lawyers
  • teachers
  • nurses – health care professionals
  • instructors and professors
  • business owners
  • administrators
  • leaders and managers
  • brokers
  • social service workers
  • entrepreneurs

Imagine what ideas, innovation and results will occur as your current levels of anxiety are no longer taking up residence in your mind.  This is a spectacular concept to think about and one you will want to take action on right away.

professional coaching

I have learned many new techniques for self-care, time and task management that work well for me. I am no longer in a state of emotional overwhelm. The result in working with Michelle is building confidence and learning to live again … using my ADHD traits as an asset rather than a crutch.”

– David, Engineer


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