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Seeking reliable staff?

Career Continuity is a federally funded project advancing access to sustainable employment for our participants in partnership with local employers.

Our role is to save time and resources…by connecting you with pre-screened, qualified and work-ready candidates.

Since 2013 our employment program has assisted hundreds of individuals to prepare, secure and grow their employment options. From that first job to supporting return to work clients and others seeking a new challenge. The Intrepidi Approach proves its success in both employee and employer satisfaction of staff retention and increased awareness of accessibility and diversity best practices year over year.

We prepare and support individuals with LD (learning differences) and ADHD (attention deficit disorder) for the workplace success creating lasting benefits for employers and the Winnipeg community.

• You are recognized as a Career Continuity Employer of Choice
• A dedicated employee learning and growing for your organization
• An extra worker for short-term projects for work experience
• Observe an individual’s work skills prior to hiring them into a permanent position
• Showcase your leadership by having an accessibility plan that benefits all workers
• A new perspective on workplace training as part of your business strategy


Learn how the Intrepidi Approach can help you

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