Defeat procrastination with a plan to success

Strategies to cope with stress and anxiety

Intrepidi Strategies for Learning helps students gain the coping strategies and resources that support solid personal and academic decisions. To study or to party, as one example.

Learn how to ignite motivation, defeat distraction allowing you to show what you know, and have fun doing it.

• Schedule your time
• Defeat distractions
• Master memory techniques
• Plan your goals
• Activate your motivation

• Gain independence
• Manage your anxiety
• Make and maintain friendships
• Organize your priorities
• Harness the power of hyper-focus

• Increase your GPA
• Complete your degree program
• Gain study skills
• Complete licensure exams
• Lifelong learning skills

You know you have the smarts and the desire to succeed. No matter how much time you spend on your school work, your results come as a surprise! You feel lost and can’t stop comparing yourself to classmates. Your body is in school, but your mind has checked out.

Post-secondary learning demands another level of preparedness that many students lack. The personal and academic freedom and expectations are very different, especially those used to the built-in structure of high school, and those who may be living away from home for the first time. It’s even harder for students living with learning differences and ADHD.

We can work with your one-on-one or in popular group sessions – evidence shows group coaching leads to improvements in anxiety-reduction, assignment completion, social skills, planning, organization, assertiveness, self-efficacy, motivation, time management, and test-taking strategies.

Workshops for Students

Skills Training for College Students. 9 weeks. Registration Required

Learning-Study Strategies for University Students. 3 to 4 times per year.

Make the most of your educational investment!

Learn how the Intrepidi Approach can help you!

Our services are eligible through the Canada Student Grant program.

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