Adult ADHD

ADHD is a lifespan condition that affects children, adolescents and adults of all ages

ADHD – Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder is considered a brain-based disorder. This means it impacts the way the brain works at a structural level.
An estimate of 5% of adults worldwide lives along the spectrum of attention deficit traits. You’ve met someone with ADHD, you have met ONE person with ADHD. Our approach is strength-based focusing on developing Executive Function skills often impacted by ADHD brain wiring. 

You do not have to have ADHD to benefit from executive functioning skills.

Individualized coaching model is designed 

  • impulse control
  • decision making
  • motivation
  • emotional regulation 
  • organization and planning
  • work with other
  • improve memory

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 A weakness in one or many Executive Functions can affect aspects of life in school, work, and relationships

ADHD creates unique experiences

  • In your career, you may find that you’re burning out at work, can’t keep up with your responsibilities or you have difficulty submitting reports on time.
  • In school, you may find that you become stressed out by the thought of managing multiple assignments or spending time focusing on what needs to get done.
  • At home, this could mean trouble establishing routines, managing finances, planning meals or even maintaining personal relationships.

Often, you feel that your outcomes do not match the effort and energy spent. And as a result, feelings of repeated failure …increases anxiety and depression commonly recognized coexisting with ADHD.2



“Coaching interventions can make a real difference in how people with ADHD negotiate their own particular deficits and cope with life on a daily basis.”

– Anonymous



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